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Top Dog: Irina Dobrotolyubov

Our top dog is someone on our team that deserves recognition for many different reasons!


This month’s Top Dog goes to Irina Dobrotolyubov~


Irina Dobrotolyubov is an agent based in Portland, Oregon. She is bilingual, speaking both English and Russian, and is eager to help Russian-speaking Portlanders with their real estate needs! Irina is passionate about serving others and will always go the extra mile to ensure each transaction runs smoothly.


Irina has a Youtube channel linked HERE where she goes above and beyond and makes informative videos about the real estate industry. She started the Youtube channel in January of 2021 and has already hit over 6k subscribers and over 440,000 views. These videos range from “all the latest news in the world of real estate, the work-force, and the economy, and.. “behind-the-scenes” of her life as a real estate agent through vlogs”.


She is also a proud member of the Parkrose, Portland community. On her Park Bench page linked HERE, you can find interviews with business owners, events in the neighborhood, local businesses, and more. 


Irina’s passion for real estate is evident in her work. She inspires all of us to go the extra mile and be passionate about what we do on a daily basis. She has a natural ability to connect with people, which makes her an incredibly valued part of our Next Home Realty Connection team.