Rebecca Nelson

Top Dog: Rebecca Nelson

Next Home Realty Connection’s Top Dog- 

Our top dog is someone on our team that deserves recognition for many different reasons!


Our first top dog goes to Rebecca Nelson for always being a team player and an amazing role model to us all. She always takes initiative on being a part of her community, family, and team. 

For example, Rebecca, Maryann, and Christina stepped up for our annual Luke day and came up with Luke’s Literature. Through Luke’s Literature, they were able to donate books to over 10 schools. This is only one example of how Rebecca always steps up for her community. 


Rebecca has been with NextHome Realty Connection for over 8 years as a principal broker in Oregon. Her passion for real estate comes from her passion of helping build and connect communities. She enjoys being a resource and advocate for clients and whatever their goals are. 


When it comes to our team, she is always first in line to learn new programs and to be able to assist anyone that may have questions on her own accord. We don’t even need to ask her! She will take the initiative and put the responsibility on herself to ensure her teammates feel confident in their growth. Rebecca is also a mentor and coach to a few of our agents helping them grow through support and knowledge. She is involved with the Rebecca Mountain Coaching program, a program where agents support one another in their growth.


In her free time, Rebecca enjoys reading books, playing a variety of games, hiking, and volunteering. Some of the volunteering she does is at the Griffin Oaks Tiny Library and at her local school district. At the library, she participates in and organizes community events. 

Rebecca was recently put on the “strategic planning core team” at her local school district where she will help set up visions and goals for the entire district this summer and fall. But she doesn’t stop there! She has also begun volunteering for “Rebuilding Together Washington County (RTWC).. an affiliate of Rebuilding Together, a leading national nonprofit in safe and healthy housing that provides low-income homeowners with critical home repairs.”


“Rebecca is working on herself and I see great things coming from it. Becca also loves education and teaching our agents the ins and outs of real estate with patience and guidance. She loves working with the new agents and seeing them grow. Watching them succeed is her greatest joy!

She is also involved in many sports events with her two older sons, countless PTA meetings, and always looking to better the education in our school systems. She volunteers countless hours to help her community. Everything she does in life, she does with fire and compassion.“

-Christina Saribay