Long Wait Times at PDX Vaccination Clinic Cause Concern

vaccination wait
Wait times reached upwards of two hours Saturday afternoon into the evening at the OHSU COVID-19 vaccination clinic at the Portland Airport. March 6, 2021 (Courtesy Photo)

Some people were stuck waiting in line for hours to get their coronavirus vaccine Saturday evening at the Portland Airport clinic.

One woman reached out to KATU News saying that her appointment was scheduled for 4:45 p.m. and was still in line after 7 p.m. Photos she shared showed long lines of cars waiting.

KATU News reached out to OHSU to asked about what caused the back-up and if this sort of wait time was normal.

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On Sunday, an OHSU spokesperson responding saying, in this instance, wait times reached up to two and a half hours due to “unexpected delays during the afternoon shift changes and patients arriving hours early or late for their appointments, when the vaccine they were scheduled to receive had not yet been prepared.”

OHSU apologized for any inconveniences the delays created, and said that no vaccines were wasted and no patients were turned away. Anyone was not able to wait was rescheduled to come back on Sunday to be vaccinated.

When asked what a normal wait time was for this vaccination clinic, the spokesperson said it varies, reporting that Sunday morning’s wait times were around 30 minutes.

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According to OHSU, 5,766 Oregonians were vaccinated at the PDX mass vaccination site and hospital officials expect to vaccinate another 5,600 people on Sunday.

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