Portland City Council Takes Next Step to Help with the Rental Crisis

On Wednesday, September 16th, the Portland City Council took the necessary steps to help with the current rental crisis. Administrators passed a new measure that takes a toll on landlords renting out their space: “Between now and March of next year, if landlords raise the rent, they’ll have to pay for their tenants’ expenses if they move out” (❡3). Beforehand, the rent increase was 10% or higher to apply for the relocation costs. Now, the rule will apply to a rent increase of any amount. This is good news for those who are paying rent, but unluckily for landlords, it restrains them if they need to raise their rent. 

Mayor Ted Wheeler states the purpose of this measure is to help people stay stable under the economic downturn caused by COVID-19. “Our goal is to deploy our rent assistance funds quickly and effectively so that renters are able to pay what they owe, but we can’t accurately budget these resources when rents are not stable” (❡6).

$35-million is being funded to help Portlandians pay for their rent, but it’s not nearly enough to cover the debt of what is owed. When the statewide eviction moratorium expires in Oregon, this could cause many difficulties to those who are renting.

Agent Website Photos-KristaThis blog post was written by Krista Pham, our intern.

The article that inspired this piece can be found, here.