Kate Brown Keeps a Firm Hold on Restrictions Against Pac-12 Practices

Oregon wide receiver Johnny Johnson III is brought down as the Oregon Ducks face the Oregon State Beavers in the 123d edition of the Civil War on Saturday, Nov. 30, 2019 at Autzen Stadium in Eugene.

With the news of promising results from the COVID-19 rapid-response antigen tests, Governor Kate Brown has continued to stay silent on when Oregon’s major universities will be allowed to hold regular practices. Since college athletes are able to participate in individual workouts, some coaches have decided to send their athletes home. Both the Ducks and Beavers football and basketball programs have been on a steady hold.

Although the Pac-12 still has not given any indication of returning to play, fans think that November isn’t completely out of the question but no one is quite sure what factors will push Kate Brown to lift our state restrictions.

The test equipment will be distributed to Pac-12 universities by the end of September, but with the ongoing wildfires in Oregon, the governor’s primary focus is on that rather than the plan for play. While understandable, fans just want to see the Beavers and Ducks take the field again.

The Oregon Health Authority is currently working with state universities on potential plans to get teams practicing again. They’re sitting back as other conferences return to sports to see if they are able to keep athletes and communities safe from the spread of COVID-19.

While there is no plan in place for the Beavers and Ducks to return to sports, sports fans are worried they will be at a competitive disadvantage. For now, many have their fingers crossed for restrictions to be lifted and for football and basketball teams to return to practice.

Agent Website Photos-KristaThis blog post was written by Krista Pham, our intern.

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