Forest Grove’s Big Development Plans

2017 is bringing big development to Forest Grove, as the City stated that they were prepping for a housing boom this year. Though there’s plan for a few industrial and commercial projects, most of the construction will be the hundreds of planned housing units. Housing options include studios, 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments as well as multi-family homes.

Most are in line to finish this year, but there are a handful that haven’t even broken ground as there’s still the need to review funding sources and the proper infrastructure for roads, sewer, water and parks.

Here’s a highlight on some of the projects:

  1. The Forest Grove Planning Commission is meeting in February to discuss the 375-acre Westside planning project, it’s estimated it will add roughly 2,000 new homes!
  2. Around April 192 Apartments will start construction on a complex made up of 17 apartment units.
  3. Another $16 Million apartment building will add 78 new upscale apartments, as well as 2,500 sqft of retail space.
  4. The Silverton Project could bring more than 200 single family homes. 3 model homes are currently be constructed to show the area’s plan off and approximately 45 lots will be developed in the first phase
  5. Sunset Crossing will bring a selection of attached- family homes with 9-12 units per acre and the project area is nearly two acres.
  6. Across from McMenamins Grand Lodge, near pacific oak Dental on Pacific Avenue, a 20,000 sqft retail and office building will be popping up.
  7. The Cedar Manor apartment complex will bring 10, 1 bedroom apartments and 18, 2 bedroom apartments to town.
  8. A 11,900 sqft warehouse will be built, use is still unsure.
  9. Gales Creek Terrace, a debated 197 unit housing development is on hold.