America on the Move!

On average, an individual moves over 11 times in their lifetime. Making up almost half of all movers between 2007 and 2012, were Millennials. Leaving the questions of 1) where are they leaving the fastest, 2) Where are they moving to the fastest, and 3) where are people staying the most? ABODO, an online apartment finder company, looked to answer these questions.
ABOD0 analyzed the domestic migration data for each of the 50 most populated Metro Areas in America, between the years of 2014-2015. The number of residents who moved to a foreign country was not included. Here are the highlights from the study:

  • Virginia Beach, VA, had the largest proportion of people leaving with about 10% of the population leaving between 2014 and 2015
  • Denver and Richmond, not far behind, both also saw a steep population decrease where 9.25% and 8.5% of the two city’s residents moved out, respectively.
  • Of the 50 most-populated metropolitan areas in the country, Buffalo and Los Angeles had the lowest rates, at just under 3.5%.
  • Here’s where it gets interesting…. Though a big portion of residents are leaving Virginia Beach, they’re coming into the oceanside city even faster. That’s right, Virginia Beach made the top of both lists, with a 10.53% increase in population between 2014 and 2015.
  • Denver, again takes second place as the city where people are moving the fastest to. Having saw a 9.4% new residents arrive.
  • Portland Metro is ranked #8 on the list of cities people are moving fastest to, where 7.28% of the population is comprised of new residents.

All in all, the two lists are incredibly (and surprisingly) similar. The analysis paints a fairly interesting picture of moving habits, where some of the cities most affected by internal migration are mid-size MSAs. Precisely why is unclear; perhaps tempted by lower rents, lower costs of living, and increasingly robust job markets or even colleges. Many of these cities — including Austin, Portland, Denver, and Atlanta — are some of the Millennials’ Favorites.
You can find the full study and lists here!