The Cedar Hills Redevelopment

Big plans for Cedar Hills Crossing, Beaverton’s largest shopping center, are in the works! Developer C.E John Co. Recently announced plans of a five year, five phase redevelopment of the center that will cost roughly $70 Million.

According to C.E John Co, the center has been highly successful. However, their goal is to see an increase in foot traffic. They plan to achieve this though the adaption of a hybrid center (big box stores mixed with upscale lifestyle shops like yoga havens and spas).The developer wants to stray away from the look of a traditional mall and embody more of an open air design. The initial plans encompass 16 new structures that include rooftop parking and two-story building that strive to stay inline with Beaverton’s goal of urbanizing and increasing density. C.E John Co also hopes to increase foot traffic by bringing in a fresh new mix of retailers and restaurants, though all the current tenants will have a spot in the redevelopment.

The first phase (which is currently in progress) is the demolition of the buildings on the far corner of the shopping center that runs along Jenkins Rd. and Cedar Hills Blvd. These buildings will be replaced by a 25,000 sf structure that will house Subway, Jamba Juice and Baskin Robins.

The second phase will start in October of 2016. The current designs for this phase show a 125,000 sf, L-shaped building that will sit north of Jenkins. It will be two stories and house Sunset lanes on the bottom floor, and retail and health center above. Both the bowling alley and The Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center will remain open during construction, and scheduled to be completed by January 2018.

The last few stages are still in the works but overall, the redevelopment will fill areas of the property that are being inefficiently utilized and will add a parking garage with 335 spaces. Eventually, the development will require the widening of Cedar Hills Blvd and Walker Road with added bike lanes.