Housing Crisis Solution: Shipping Containers?

Portland is in both a housing shortage and an affordability crisis. One unique solution that has been gaining popularity is the use of shipping containers.  Companies, such as Montainer Inc, and Numen Development LLC, have found a lot of success moving into the tight and expensive Portland market.

According to their research, Portland has over 100,000 backyards that are legally zoned for Accessory Dwelling Units. Adding these to those spaces would provide the much needed housing at a very affordable price.  With the high surplus of shipping containers, it is cheap for these companies to purchase, averaging $1,000 apiece. Renovation costs are kept down because of its simple configuration and through the integration of traditional utilities, making it an affordable living opportunity. A wide range of design options can leave a final product costing anywhere from $60k and $325k to build and install, decked out with a variety of custom finishes.

Beyond being affordable, these revamped shipping containers can be earthquake resistant, flexible (in terms of location and even design) and quite eco-friendly. Because of these benefits, shipping container units are popping up more and more; we’re seeing restaurants, multifamily housing, student housing, and art studios getting into the scene.