Young Entrepreneurs Spur New Development

Clark County has been seeking new development opportunities, and young entrepreneurs are leading the charge. Downtown Washougal has several possibilities that are creating buzz for new entrepreneurs who happen to be looking for a viable space to enter with new business ventures. One such business venture that is getting underway is Amnesia Brewing. Amnesia Brewing is a new microbrewery that is taking hold of the new opportunity presented to them in a town that has a significant need for new development. Amnesia Brewing took the chance on an emerging market to move from Portland to Washougal, where there is much less competition as compared to Portland, and more room to establish a growing brand in a city that is currently under a revitalization.

Over the last five years around twenty new businesses have come into Washougal to spur on this new interest within Clark County. With each new business that transfers its operations or starts anew within Washougal provides greater chances for those who already live within the city. Purchasing power rises as new jobs enter the fold, and a better overall community arises.

The rush to enter the fold of the Washougal city market is the renewed opinion of the region. Previously the region was thought to be a small town with few things separating itself or making it unique from the large cities that dominate the region. However in recent years, through dedicated efforts and new initiatives by entrepreneurs who took it upon themselves to energize the city, things are turning around for both Washougal city and its inhabitants.

One such entrepreneur who helped spur the revitalization is Wes Hickey. Wes Hickey owns an investment company known as Lone Wolf Investments, who happen to own or build some of the new retail space that the young entrepreneurs are taking advantage of. Wes Hickey and his company are taking advantage of the creative element of the new wave of entrepreneurs entering the city, to create a solid foundation that the city and downtown Washougal can use to leap into the future. The thing that is helping propel the city even further with a new image is the renewed sense of community as a result of the new entrepreneurship initiatives that are revitalizing the city.

The Washougal community was very secluded in its own cusp of Clark County, but with new entrepreneurs providing new opportunities, there is a greater sense of participation and interaction that is taking root within the city to make sure the interest and changing culture continues. New businesses within Washougal succeed when their fellow entrepreneurial businesses succeed, granting even more purchasing power to help spur the growth of the city as we mentioned earlier.

Most of the businesses emerging in downtown Washougal are finding success away from the much crowded Portland. The diversity of the creative entrepreneurs in a new region allow for the proper stages of growth and establishment, without having to worry of being choked out by the large, already established businesses within Portland. The diversity in the new region allows for Washougal to establish itself as its own destination, separate from other main cities in the surrounding counties and cities. With each new young entrepreneur there comes a new idea and passion that will help separate Washougal from other comparable cities, with its own unique opportunities, destinations, and exciting room for growth.

The young entrepreneurs entering downtown Washougal are helping to revitalize a region that once had a negative reputation, while sparking a new wave of growth, diversity, and opportunities for the local citizens and fellow entrepreneurs who might have previously overlooked the small town in the past.