HP Looks to Create a New Industrial Revolution

The large tech company known as Hewlett-Packard Co. out of Silicon Valley split into a smaller team known as HP Inc, and is looking to shake things up a bit. The company is looking to put the company “back into the forefront” when it comes to the realm of technology.

The Vancouver, Washington team that is estimated to be around 500 workers in 2012, is planning to move into a pair of offices on Southeast Tech Center Drive. The HP Chief Technology Officer Shane Wall stated in a recent report, “The anchor is in Vancouver,” while stationed in the company’s new offices that are just beyond the river of Portland.

The company doesn’t release its official employee numbers per location, but does feature both marketing and engineering teams. The employees are focused on new technology within the functional areas of: the internet of things, 3D printing, and future wearable technology. This small relocated team was the developmental team that created a series of smart watches the large tech company rolled out in 2014. Several of the featured products were showcased and mentioned at an event in Portland in March.

The three tech initiatives the company is focused on, reflects the 30 year vision for society and technology, stated Wall. Wall leads the company’s technology strategy, HP Labs, its new business incubation and the recently announced venture arm. HP has made it their mission to take note of the macro trend of mass urbanization that is increasing. While the company takes note of growing trends, they are rethinking and changing the way it manufactures products and gets them to new markets quickly.

3D printing provides HP with new alternatives to the questions they seek answers for. The team located in Vancouver, along with the 3D printing technology team located in Corvallis, is creating software and hardware that will allow companies to create products both digitally first, and then create them in localized 3D printing places.

The company is taking the initiative to move away from manufacturing the product in distant locations like Asia, and then requiring those products to be shipped their proper distribution channels all around the world. Wall believes that the innovation of proper 3D Printing channels and distribution is the next industrial revolution.

The local team is currently working on technology that will blend both the physical and digital world. The team has created an application that uses embedded technology and will allow users to hold a 3D Printed item in front of a smartphone device, which will then show the verification information along with the proper product design. The smartphone application they have developed can read info that has been embedded in each product.

The company feels confident about the growth they will have, as trends indicate that wearable devices and demographic shifts will allow for the new generations to expect more features and uses from each device. Hewlett-Packard generally kept their Vancouver Operations under wraps, but with the new split announcement of HP Inc., the company looks to make a larger awareness of future products and technology moving forward.

Other Portland tech companies are also growing into their own, as several big names in the region have created a demand for tech related industry experts. HP and other Portland tech companies have room for growth, and are actively looking for individuals to fill their open positions on their respective websites.